Thursday, December 11, 2014

Request for Prayer

Hi Friends and Family!

Mom went into the ER tonight because she had a 101° fever and that is the protocol for chemo patients. She's been able to eat a little something and they've started giving her antibiotic via IV. 

Please pray for her fever to go down and for peace and strength. Thank you!



  1. Praying Mary! Thanks for letting us know! Come Lord in healing and mercy! Eileen

  2. When I was praying for Pam I opened to Acts 5:12-16 about people being healed by the apostles and even by Peter's shadow as he passed by. My sense was that Pam is on a journey for the Lord, and people's lives will be changed wherever that journey brings her.

  3. Come Lord! Infection get out in Jesus' Name!!


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