Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Joke's on Me

So, like Walt said, we were educated that chemo side effects were much like having the flu. Now I'm in the hospital with the flu so I will have to wait for the second chemo to find out what chemo without the flu really is like.

Right now I have no energy. My white cells are beginning to come back. My productivity is pitiful, but I really don't care. And I'm glad my mom and I had a pedicure before my first chemo. I'm getting lots of compliments as I'm "assisted" in my activities of daily living.

Thanks fo Laurie and  Naomi who stopped by with things to read. Can't say I'm reading, but it's always nice to see your faces. But they really don't want visitors. Apparently we have an untrustworthy batch of immunizations this year. I had my flu shot before the start of chemo. Oh Well.

Thanks to the women of 1450 who will be doing my prep for Lord's Day tonight. And thanks for the calls I am not answering because when I think I can sleep I go on airport.

Looking forward to better days ahead. Oh, and thanks to the kind health care workers and oncology team at IU Health. They are treating me very well.

Oh Come Oh Come Emmanual! Come to save us! My hope and my trust is in you!

My grandson Jack Strasser is getting Baptized in Colorado Springs in a couple of hours. Thank you Lord for this new life we share!


  1. Hope you feel better soon! Big hugs!
    Lisa VP

  2. We will be thinking of you!! Love you!

  3. Loving and praying for you! Love, Crista

  4. Pam, You are in our hearts and prayers... keep up that great attitude and keep your eyes on Jesus, who is right by your side. love you...

  5. Praying for you & your family <3

  6. Pam and Walt, thinking and praying for you on a daily basis.


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